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26February 2019

How are Designers Involved in The Internet of Things?

Since the introduction of the Amazon Echo, Alexa has become a part of many homes in the United States and is quickly spreading across the rest of the world. The Amazon Echo is the most popular device to date which works with the magic of the Internet of Things. But it is definitely not the only one.

As the Internet of Things grows in popularity, more and more products and services will be connected to each other and to people. With all this connectivity comes production of devices and systems, both physical and virtual. For all these things to be produced, companies need designers, and that’s where you come in.

Designers for the Internet of Things are mostly UX and UI designers but graphic designers and technical designers are also involved in the process. Designing for the Internet of Things also involves designing for voice-activated tools and actions and this type of design is aptly called VUX and VUI (Voice User Experience and Voice User Interface).

Let’s take a look at all the ways in which designers are involved in the Internet of Things

Initial Idea of a Connected Device
Pretty much anyone can come up with the idea for a connected device. The best are the ones that really solve a problem for users. Devices that by being connected can learn from the user’s data and make their life a little easier in some way. Obvious problem solving connected devices are robots that clean up spaces, heart rate monitor bracelets, kitchen, and home appliances.

Designers (most probably technical or industrial designers) are involved in this stage with the initial sketching of the physical device. They work closely with connectivity developers to design the perfect device which will also need UX and VUX design for it to work properly.

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