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26February 2019

The Importance of Using Branded Visuals in Content Marketing

The world is an extremely visual space. Images and graphics are very important because they are the face of a brand in the vast universe of content marketing. It’s through images and branded graphics that people will find a company’s blog posts, products, services, and other awesome content.

Content marketing can really shine when branded visuals are incorporated. These images and graphics will potentially be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and maybe even Reddit and other places you might have never heard of. Better to have this content shared with the brand attached to it than sending content out blindly to the world.

What are branded visuals?
Branded visuals are what tie the content of a company website to social media and beyond. At first sight, people should know that these images or graphics belong to the brand. When people see them on social media, printed material, or billboards they will know that the brand is behind it. Branded graphics and images create a memorable connection with clients and followers.

Every visual that makes it out into the world must mirror the brand’s website. It’s important to build content marketing in accordance with what the website looks like.

Visuals can be branded in different ways. From a stock photo with a quote and logo placed on top to a professional illustration made just for the brand, and also branded merchandising.


Below are some of the most common types of branded visuals which can be incorporated into content marketing for social media:

Fill in the blanks
Data GIFs
How-to instructions
Behind-the-scenes snaps
Visual statistics
Micro-content infographics

Other types of branded visuals also include:

Ads in magazines
Bus stop ads
Television advertising
Video tutorials

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