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Leo Defence Academy

LEO Defence Academy in Jaipur is best defence academy for NDA, Air Force and Navy. In collaboration with Tagore Coaching centre, the best defence training centre, Kuchaman, we at Leo Defence academy train young boys & girls crack written test & interview of the armed forces.

Leo Defence Academy is slated to become the best army institute and defence training academy in India. This coaching centre provides mock physical and written tests for candidates who are interested in joining the defence forces in India. It is the only Indian army coaching centre in which students will be under the guidance of an army officer 24/7. The main aim of Leo Defence Academy is CRAFTING SOLDIERS OUT OF MEN. The academy is run by Lt. Col. Pankaj Ahuja (Retd.), who is ably assisted by Tagore Coaching Kuchaman. Lt Col Pankaj Ahuja’s “josh” and “forever fauji” attitude, combined with the extensive experience and enthusiasm of Tagore Coaching Kuchaman, has given birth to Leo Defence Academy. Based in Jaipur, the academy operates in the vast expanse of JIT, which facilitates a large ground, along with spacious and well-ventilated classrooms, as well as accommodation, thereby ensuring the all-round development of its students in terms of physical and mental growth. It acts like an NDA centre in Jaipur, and is the best stepping stone for those aspiring to join the defence forces. The aim of Leo Defence Academy is to select the suitable boys and craft them into soldiers to make them defence-ready. Our extensive training will enable these boys to stand apart from the rest. With their strength, confidence, military acumen, presentability, bearing, and turnout, Leos will leave an unforgettable mark in the world of the defence services.

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